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Hurricane Preparation


Southwest Florida experiences high humidity and extreme temperatures.  These conditions sometimes cause a volatile and unpredictable storm environment.  This area of the country has a "rainy season" as well as a "hurricane season".  It is during these "seasons" that our part-time residents maybe away from their financial investments and possibly unaware of approaching weather systems.

Let Sun Watch SWFL work with you to create a personal custom plan before there is a hurricane with your valuable property in its path.

Sun Watch SWFL's customized hurricane preparation plan will relieve any anxieties you may have before the swift development of major issues as well as costly repairs to your financial investment.



Sun Watch SWFL is a bonded, insured and accredited home watch company.

Sun Watch SWFL's Pre-Hurricane service plan includes:

  • Perform an additional home watch visit. Your personalized report will include pre-storm photos with an actual GPS and time stamp showing our exact visit

  • Secure decorations and outdoor furniture to prevent them from becoming projectiles and subsequently causing more damage

  • Provide access for your hired hurricane installer

  • Activate one-person storm shutters (Roll down, Accordion style, Bahama or Colonial shutters)

  • Turn off main circuit breaker to your home

Sun Watch SWFL's Post-Hurricane service plan includes:

  • Perform a follow-up home watch visit. Your personalized report will include post-storm photos with an actual GPS and time stamp showing our exact visit

  • Replace outdoor decorations and furniture to their pre-storm locations

  • Provide access for your hired hurricane installer

  • Open one-person storm shutters

  • Turn on main circuit breaker

  • Assess and report all property damage promptly to you

  • Provide access to your hired contractors

Sun Watch SWFL watches the weather in southwest Florida

so that we can be your property's best advocate. 

As soon as a warning or watch for a hurricane is issued for Lee county, Sun Watch SWFL begins to implement the agreed upon hurricane preparation plan.

After the hurricane has passed, and as soon as the location of your home is deemed safe and released from mandatory evacuation by the authorities, Sun Watch SWFL will promptly be in communication with you to relay the status of your property.   Our confidential, technologically advanced HomeWatchIT reporting software will be able to quickly send you real time photos with detailed descriptions directly to your personal email wherever you are. This personalized detailed electronic report will document its GPS location and will also be time stamped.  The HomeWatchIT report will quickly put your mind at ease.  If Sun Watch SWFL should find anything of concern we will personally contact you immediately to review our agreed-upon post-storm service plan procedure and make note of any special requests you may have.  Sun Watch SWFL's pre and post storm documentation may also be utilized for insurance purposes.


Sun Watch SWFL will work with you to customize a Hurricane preparation plan

that suits your unique individual

needs and concerns.

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