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Home Watch Service

Sun Watch SWFL has a weekly basic exterior and interior absentee-owner watch service plan that we offer. We are also willing to customize our services based on your individual requirements. 

Sun Watch SWFL provides home watch service to

Sanibel Island, Captiva Island, Fort Myers and Cape Coral

in Lee County Florida.

We are available through phone, text and email.

Our normal business hours are 9-5, Monday through Friday. We are not a 24-hour company, but if a situation should arise outside of normal business hours we will do all we can to meet your needs.

We are very flexible and easy to work with!

We provide home watch services for short or long term needs.  Our customized services benefit travelers, snowbirds, owners of properties that are listed for sale or any vacant properties due to other personal or business obligations.
We perform home watch services on condos, townhomes and single family residences.

We provide weekly assistance in protecting and maintaining your investment while you are away.


Sun Watch SWFL is a bonded, insured and 

accredited home watch company.

After each weekly visit to your property we will provide you with a highly confidential,  technologically advanced and customized electronic HomeWatchIT report detailing our examination of your investment property. Your personalized report will include photos as well as an actual time and GPS stamp showing our exact visit.  This electronic report is then emailed directly to you wherever you are.  If we should find anything of concern we will promptly contact you personally.


Basic Exterior Property Exam Includes:

  • Physically walk the perimeter of the outside property to reaffirm security

  • Visual exam for property damage/erosion/drainage problems

  • Visual exam of outside light fixtures, roof, screens and windows (from the ground)

  • Visual exam of A/C unit 

  • Visual exam of the landscape and fence 

  • Visual exam of outside faucets and pool equipment

  • Visual exam of your pool/hot tub

  • Visual exam of your lanai

  • Remove newspapers and flyers; place them inside the home, or recycle if you wish

  • Turn on water main


Basic Interior Property Exam Includes: 

  • Ensure security system is functioning

  • Check thermostat and test A/C system

  • Check to make sure all doors and windows are secured

  • Run water in every sink and run the garbage disposal

  • Run water in tubs and showers

  • Flush every toilet

  • Visual exam for any water issues, mildew or mold

  • Visual exam for signs of pest intrusion

  • Check to make sure the refrigerator, freezer and wine cooler are functioning

  • Visual exam of garage/operate garage door(s)

  • Visual exam of hot water tank

  • Visual examination of the breaker box to check for tripped circuits

  • Turn off water main

Upon Completion of the Property Exam: 

  • Activate security system

  • Lock entryway

  • Complete exam checklist and email to homeowner

  • Follow-up on any concerns

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