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South Cape Coral Home Watch Service


Sun Watch SWFL is a local, family owned, private and personal home watch service company.  We have over 15 years of experience in actively managing our own personal investment properties both near and far.

Sun Watch SWFL's mission is to provide you with peace of mind while you are away from your personal financial investment.  

The ultimate goal of Sun Watch SWFL is to be

proactive verses reactive.

Sun Watch SWFL will be your eyes and ears to be on the look out for any signs of trouble. We take a proactive approach to each property under our care.  Sun Watch SWFL will contact you immediately if there is any indication that there is potential for trouble.  Trouble may present itself as potential damage that can can be caused by water or mold, power outages, air conditioner and appliance issues/failure, vandalism, pest intrusion or severe weather (hurricanes).

Our customized services benefit travelers, snowbirds, owners of properties that are listed for sale or vacant properties due to other personal or business obligations.

What to Expect from our Cape Coral Home Watch Service

Sun Watch SWFL has a basic exterior and interior absentee-owner home watch service plan that we offer. We understand that each home is unique and we are willing to customize your home watch service based on your individual short or long-term needs.


Sun Watch SWFL recommends weekly home watch service.  Weekly visits help us best to be proactive verses reactive to unforeseen situations.

After each visit to your property we will provide you with a highly confidential, technologically advanced and customized electronic HomeWatchIT report detailing our examination of your investment property. Your personalized report will include photos as well as an actual time and GPS stamp showing our exact visit.  This electronic report is then emailed directly to you wherever you are.

In the event that we find a concern we will immediately contact you personally.  If the situation is urgent we will first attempt to contact you by phone.  Once we connect we will work together as a team to rectify the situation.

Sun Watch SWFL is happy to work with your own trades professionals or we could suggest people that we have had personal experience with previously for you to hire.  Either way Sun Watch SWFL will be able to oversee their work.

Exclusive concierge services offered only for our Cape Coral Home Watch Service Clients

  • Provide services to help maintain your motorized vehicles while you are away.  Motorized vehicles may include cars, motorcycles, golf carts, etc.

  • Act as your personal liaison to help get things scheduled and completed while you are away.  This may include accepting deliveries, forwarding mail, meeting with vendors to allow them access to your property or even overseeing the vendors as they complete the work you hired them to perform.

  • Respond to home alarms (during the day, night or even on holidays and weekends).

Cape Coral Home Watch Service also offers exclusive help with hurricane preparation

Time is of the essence when a hurricane has your property in Lee County in its path. Sun Watch SWFL only offers hurricane preparation and post hurricane examinations exclusively to their loyal home watch clients.  

Sun Watch SWFL can help you be proactive through developing a hurricane preparation plan well in advance of any hurricane threat.  We will be there for you both before and after the storm.  If any post hurricane damage is found we will help you provide photos and documentation for your insurance company through our GPS and time stamped electronic software.

Cape Coral home watch service is bonded, insured and accredited by the
National Home Watch Association

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