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Sun Watch SWFL provides home watch service to

Sanibel Island, Captiva Island, Fort Myers and Cape Coral

in Lee County Florida.

Sun Watch SWFL is a proud member of

The Islands of Sanibel Captiva Chamber of Commerce

Sun Watch SWFL home watch service is your home's best advocate
in southwest Florida.

We are the voice for your property while you are away.

Why does your home need a voice?

Whether your property is a condominium, townhouse, villa, detached home, or estate, if it is unoccupied for longer than one week, your financial investment needs to be visually inspected.

You Should Be Concerned
About Making A Claim!

The number one home owner insurance claim in Florida is for water damage.

Sun Watch SWFL will mitigate your risk

for potential water damage.

 It is important to ensure your home is checked frequently in Florida.  

If you have water damage and or water related damage and it is not detected and reported within the first 13 days your insurance company can deny your claim.  Having your home checked weekly by an accredited home watch professional, who uses a GPS enabled electronic reporting system, has the ability to document the date, time and exact location (even pin pointing the longitude and latitude) to prove the Home Watch inspection was conducted.  This documented report can be used to support an insurance claim for water damage.


Read more about “Problems for Florida Policyholders".

Sun Watch SWFL home watch services uses HomeWatchIT, a GPS enabled electronic reporting system.

Sun Watch SWFL is an experienced, insured, bonded and accredited home watch company. 

Southwest Florida is home to extreme temperatures, high humidity, numerous pests and wildlife, as well as a sometimes volatile and unpredictable storm environment.  These climate factors can cause high anxiety since there can be a swift development of major problems as well as costly repairs.


Let Sun Watch SWFL be the voice for your property.


We promise to not just be the voice, but also the eyes and ears of your financial investment.

Honest and prompt communication is at the foundation of

 Sun Watch SWFL.

Let Sun Watch SWFL be your property advocate to alleviate your concerns and fears while you are away and living your life to its fullest potential!

We provide home watch service for short or long-term needs.  

Our customized services benefit travelers, snowbirds, owners of properties that are listed for sale or any vacant properties due to  other personal or business obligations.
We perform home watch service on condos, townhomes and single family residences.

We provide expert assistance in protecting and maintaining your investment while you are away.

Service Locations in Lee County


We are a private,
home watch company
in southwest Florida.

Home Watch is the visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious Issues.

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